CTET Important Questions for Sept 2018

CTET Important Questions for September 2018 - You can find here Important Questions for Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) Paper I & Paper II Examination will be held in Sept 2018.
Examination Body : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Examination : Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)

Entrance Exam Date : Awaited...

Contact Number : 011-22235774, 22240104

Contact E-Mail : ctet@cbse.gov.in

Contact Address : Central Board of Secondary Education, P.S. 1-2, I.P. Extension, Institutional Area, Patparganj, Delhi-110092

Official Website : http://ctet.nic.in

✓ Pochampally is a village which is famous for special cloth which is also called pochampally. This village is a part of
  Andhra Pradesh
  Tamil Nadu
✓ Teaching of EVS should encourage process skills, which are the core of inquiry-based, hands-on learning. Which one of the following is not such a skill?
✓ Which one of the following is not a suitable formative assessment task?
  Open-ended questions
  Ranking the students
✓ ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinking is related to
  Consistent thinking
  Memory-based thinking
  Divergent thinking
  Convergent thinking
✓ Fitting new information into existing schemes is known as
✓ Number of degrees in two and two-third of a right angle is
✓ The sum of place values of 5 in 6251,6521 and 5621 is
✓ The mail goal of mathematics education is
  To formulate theorems of geometry and their proofs independently
  To help the students to understand mathematics
  To develop useful capabilities
  To develop children’s abilities for mathematization
✓ This plant has leaves which are used as vegetables. Its seeds are used to produce oil. The plant is.
✓ A common developmental reading disorder is
✓ Writing is a __________ not a __________
  Product, process
  Product, formation
  Process, product
  Process, formation
✓ The animals that are awake at night can see objects
  in all colours
  only in black and white colours
  in green colour only
  in red colour only
✓ The birds move their neck very often because
  they can fly
  the birds eyes are fixed
  the birds have small eyes
  their ears are covered with feathers
✓ When 3488 is divided by 12 and 2478 is divided by 11, the differences between the remainders in both cases is
✓ Good EVS Curriculum at Primary Stage should
  Include more practice questions in end exercise
  Provide opportunities to explore surroundings
  Focus more on detailed explanation of concepts
  Emphasize more on exact definitions of terms
✓ The sum of five hundred nine and three thousand twenty eight is
✓ In order to avoid gender stereotyping in class, a teacher should
  try to put both boys and girls in non-traditional roles.
  appreciate students' good work by saying 'good girl' or 'good boy'.
  discourage girls from taking part in wrestling.
  encourage boys to take risk and be bold.
✓ A teacher should
  treat errors committed by students as blunders and take serious note of each error
  measure success as the number of times students avoid making mistakes
  not correct students while they're trying to communicate ideas
  focus more provide a knowledge
✓ Fourteen-year old Devika is attempting to develop a sense of herself as a separate, self-governing individual. She is developing
  Hatred for rules
  Teenage arrogance
✓ What should be subtracted from the product 3001*101 to get 300311?

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